School uniform projects a smart image and avoids competitive dressing. Children representing the schools at concerts, or on school trips are expected to be in school uniform.

Boys and Girls
Pale blue polo shirt *
Royal Blue sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan *
Grey trousers or shorts
Grey skirt or pinafore (knee length)
Blue and white check summer dress

Plain white, black, blue or grey socks (long or short). Grey tights for girls.
Hijab (if worn) in royal blue

Sensible school shoes (black or navy) – no laces please
Sensible sandals (black, navy, brown or white)

Supportive School shoes that your child is able to run in safely – black, lace up, or with a cross bar, buckle or Velcro (Not ballet style pump shoes). Sandals in navy, white or black may be worn in summer (with socks)

Please note: For safety reasons shoes with high heels or platform soles should not be worn.
Jeans, cords and trainers are NOT acceptable school wear.

*Uniform with the school logo is available from:

Monkhouse Schoolwear Specialists Tel 0117 9620011

Order online : Elmlea School (

Other items available from the Uniform provider that are optional:
• PE Bag
• Book Bag
• Legionnaires Cap

Please ensure that ALL school clothing is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Any unnamed lost property will be offered for re-sale by the PTA or taken to local charity shops at the end of each term.

PE Kit and other information

PE kits
Please ensure your child is wearing their PE kits on their PE day to school in Year 2 – Year 6. They do not need to bring school uniform as they are not getting changed in school. In Reception and Year 1 getting changed in and out of their PE kits is a skill that still needs practice so will remain.
From September if your child is wearing jogging bottoms or leggings into school or an additional plain PE hoodie/sweatshirt please ensure they are navy or royal blue ( Elmlea blue is a preference but we know they are hard to find but navy is everywhere) We have been very relaxed this year about the colour of joggers/leggings and PE sweatshirts but going forward, please ensure your child is ready for PE in the PE uniform.


PE – Infant School boys and girls
Royal blue PE Shorts (available from the school uniform supplier)
Black slip-on plimsolls (Velcro please!)
The pale blue polo shirt is worn as part of the everyday uniform AND for P.E. Hopefully this eliminates the need for lengthy changing times involving shirt/blouse buttons.
N.B. During the summer months, when girls are wearing summer dresses, the will need to keep a pale blue polo shirt in their kitbags for P.E. lessons
P.E. Kitbags containing slip-on plimsolls and royal blue shorts are kept on your child’s cloakroom peg. Kitbags will be sent home at the end of each term to allow for washing and checking that plimsolls still fit! Please check plimsolls regularly.
Remember, children will be undressing and dressing themselves, so make fastenings as easy as possible to manage.

Other Items
Reading Book Bag (available with school logo from the school uniform supplier)
Drawstring PE Kit Bag (available with school logo from the school uniform supplier)
All children require a P.E. kit bag large enough to hold their clothes, shoes and painting overall
For art and craft – A long sleeved painting overall. This item is essential – children use it every day
A named water bottle

Optional items
Royal Blue fleece jacket * (available from the school uniform supplier).
Waterproof fleece jacket and windcheater in a bag, sun hat, winter hat and mittens All items of clothing and bags must be clearly marked with your child’s name. Unnamed lost property is displayed at the end of each term and unclaimed items are donated to charity shops.

Infant cloakroom space is very limited. We ask that children do not bring back-packs or holdalls to school. The reading book bag is sufficient for carrying daily book needs to school and is stored in the children’s drawers.

Royal blue shorts*
Royal blue jogging trousers*
Elmlea Junior School PE T-shirt
Indoor P.E. is done in bare feet and white trainers (not daps) are required for outdoor games. Please note that black daps are not suitable for Junior School outside games sessions as they do not offer adequate support).

One piece swimming costume for girls and lightweight trunks for boys (not heavy cotton shorts)

No extreme haircuts (including shaved, undercuts or dyed hair) are allowed. Hair that is longer than shoulder length is to be tied back. Simple hair bands in school colours may be worn. Long hair must be tied back for P.E./Games lessons.

Watches and simple silver/gold stud earrings are allowed for pierced ears. No other jewellery or nail varnish is allowed. On days when your child has P.E., the stud earrings should be removed and kept at home.

Children who wear glasses must have a special safety sports strap in the P.E. bag to be worn for all physical activities.