The Elmlea Schools’ Trust and its committees meet on a regular basis, with the joint local governing body of Elmlea Infant and Junior Schools meeting termly.

If you would like to get in touch with any of the Members, Trustees or Governors, please do so through the Clerk to the Board of Trustees, via email:

This section contains key information on the governance of the Trust.
The Governance structure is as follows:

Trust Members (5)
Trust Members are responsible for ensuring the trust meets its charitable objectives.

Board of Trustees (12)
12 Member appointments
The Trustees employer and accountable body, carries out the core governance functions, ensures compliance with statutory and regulatory functions, appoints Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Local Governing Bodies (6 parent governors and 1 staff governor assigned to each governing body)

Elmlea Infant and Elmlea Junior school retains a Local Governing Body, we have parent and staff representatives on the local governing bodies.
In this trust, the local governing body work together as a joint committee and are responsible for a detailed oversight of the schools performance, preparing pupils for the next stage of education and safeguarding and the link between the trust and parents and the community.