All children at Elmlea School have the opportunity to learn French, providing an opening to other cultures and fostering their curiosity and understanding of the world. Learning a language is a window onto our own language, encouraging children to reflect on the vocabulary, grammar and historical development of English and other languages they may speak. The modern foreign languages curriculum at Elmlea provides a firm foundation for future language learning, equipping pupils with the essential skills and positive attitude to become lifelong language learners.

In Year 1 and Year 2 children learn French with their class teachers using an MFL website and a programme of Study designed for the age group by the specialist French teacher and linked to the KS2 programme of study. French songs and numbers for example are integrated into the school day in short, digestable chunks and children have their first MFL experience alongside the teacher who knows them best. In Year 3 to Year 6 French is taught by the specialist French teacher in weekly lessons of 35 minutes. The programme of Study is progressive, building on prior learning and moving from word to sentence level. It teaches vocabulary systematically and links spellings and sounds.

Children learn French through:
 Fun and engaging lessons
 Being supported and challenged in their learning
 Having varied opportunities to listen, speak, read and write for different purposes
 Being immersed in the target language with instructions, praise and incidental phrases
in French
 Having the variety of languages they speak celebrated
 Using real French story books and traditional songs in the classroom
 Practical, meaningful contexts to communicate in French.


Food/shopping topics with real food
Making and playing games
French or Francophone cultural events with a French music specialist or
theatre group.
French class performances to parents