Welcome to Year One

In Year 1, the children start the National Curriculum Key Stage 1 on which our Elmea Curriculum is based .Our highly experienced class teachers always spend time at the start of the academic year settling the children into Yr1 and allowing them time to become used to the routines and expectations of a new year group.

Every term the class will follow a topic which has a geographical or historical theme and provides the basis for learning activities which will inspire and enthuse the children as they build their knowledge and skills.

Year 1 Classes
Within our year group there are three classes: 1F, 1C, 1 HS

A Typical Weekly Timetable

Although each class schedules their timetable differently, a typical weekly timetable of lessons is attached below.

Please be aware that:

PE lessons are taught on a Monday. On that day, your child can come to school in their PE kit.

Ways to support Year 1 Home Learning

To support spelling, your child will be asked to practise 10 words a week. These may be some of the high frequency, irregular words that children need to be able to spell in KS1, or words that support the phonics taught that week.

To support reading, your child is able to bring home a reading book that matches their reading level. Children can change this book once read at home, as necessary. Please aim to read with your child at least three times a week, making a brief note each time in their reading record book.
Please see the attached Top Tips for reading with your child.
Children will move up the book bands based on their ability to decipher meaning from the text, not on the fluency of their reading.

Year 1 Recommended Reads

Your child is also able to access DOODLEMATHS, an online resource that supports their maths learning, and access online reading books, via the BUG CLUB website. The school will provide you with Login details for both of these online learning resources.
We teach maths in topics, and at the beginning of each new topic you will receive a booklet containing useful tips and practical activities for supporting your child in maths. These will also be available on the school website.
Most importantly, please speak to your child about what they are learning in class and talk to them about lessons they are enjoying or those which they may need a little more help with.

Things to Remember Each Week
All Year One pupils need to remember to:
• Come to school wearing their PE kit, on their PE day;
• Bring in their reading book and take it home again each day;
• Bring in a named water bottle to drink from during the day and whilst having lunch. This must contain only water, not fruit juice or squash;
• Bring in a fruit snack in a named snack box;
• Ensure that all school uniform is named clearly.

Please speak to your class teacher if you would like any further information about any of the items listed above.