At Elmlea, we offer pupils a rich and diverse curriculum, which celebrates learning through a range of creative topics. We believe that children learn best when they are confident to ‘have a go’; to take risks and to understand that they can learn from mistakes. We want children to reflect on how best they learn and to continue to challenge themselves to ‘become better learners’. We also believe that children learn best when they are engaged and excited about what they are learning.

Our curriculum ensures that meaningful links are made between subjects and that pupils have a voice when considering topic choices and coverage of the skills and knowledge stated within statutory guidance.

We structure our curriculum on a bi-annual cycle; ensuring pupils experience the primary curriculum through thematic units of work. By structuring our curriculum on a two year cycle, it allows pupils to fully immerse themselves into each subject and provides collaborative enrichment opportunities across our phases. We believe that pupils learn best when they are stimulated and engaged within what they learn. Consequently, teachers work hard to plan relevant and creative lessons that relate to the wider world.