At Elmlea Schools’ Trust we believe that remote learning should reflect the high standards of education and the rich curriculum experience that all pupils receive throughout the Trust. We will continue to teach all or most of the normal planned curriculum whenever possible and will monitor pupil engagement and motivation throughout any lockdown period. Cohesion within the whole school community will be encouraged through contact with parents, whole school assemblies, newsletters and daily contact between child and teachers.

For very young children there will be a priority on progress in early reading through a structured approached to teaching phonics and providing a resource bank of online reading materials.

Remote learning will be delivered through both live lessons and via an online platform. We will endeavour to replicate the classroom remotely and ensure that:
• Children receive clear explanation.
• Teachers scaffold learning whenever possible.
• New knowledge and skills are applied.
• Children receive feedback on how to progress in their learning.

Children may have to learn from home for a variety of reasons:
• They are awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test.
• They are having to self-isolate due to a person they are living with having Covid-19 symptoms or having had a positive test.
• Their class or year group bubble in school has been sent home due to a positive case of Covid-19. There is a regional or national lockdown.

Please find full details of our Remote Learning Guidelines via this link: